4 Heroic Things about Kira Brady’s “Hearts of Chaos”

Hearts of Chaos

Deadglass Book 3

by Kira Brady

Nikki’s Rating: 4 out of 10

Summary:  While Emory rules with an iron-fist and expects a dutiful, compliant, dainty wife, his betrothed Lucia is defiant, outspoken, and challenges Emory at every turn. Destined to save their world and the Kivati, a race of shapeshifters, Emory and Lucia must find a way to each other’s hearts and destroy the ancient goddess Tiamet before its too late.

4 Heroic Things about Kira Brady’s “Hearts of Chaos”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Babylonian Myths

The Deadglass series features a lot of lore from the religion of ancient Babylon and in “Hearts of Chaos” we finally get to see the Babylonian Goddess of Primordial Chaos, Tiamet. She has an interesting backstory and learning about unfamiliar lore, myths, and religion of other cultures is always fascinating.

2. Adventures

“Hearts of Chaos” follows Lucia and Emory through the Land of the Dead. Like a tale of old, they must complete tasks set by the gods to test different strengths. It was most intriguing to find out what the trials were and see how the characters overcame them.

3. Lucia and Emory

The best part of “Hearts of Chaos” was watching Lucia and Emory find respect, friendship, and then eventually love with one another. While some of their traits were drastically different, they were able to find common ground in their values, and realize that they really weren’t that different.

4. Happy Ending

“Heart of Chaos” concludes Kira Brady’s Deadglass series and thankfully while the world at large experienced drastic changes and all were affected by loss throughout the novels, there is a happy ending and hope for the future.

What are your favorite things about “Hearts of Chaos”?

Be Authentic. Be Unique. Be You.

4 Hopeful Things about Kira Brady’s “Hearts of Shadow”

Hearts of Shadow

Deadglass Book 2

by Kira Brady

Nikki’s Rating: 4 out of 10

Summary:  Grace Mercer must fight wraiths every day now that the world has plummeted into chaos due to the Unraveling. Caught in the middle of the war between the Kivati shapeshifters and the Drekar, dragon shifters, Grace is simply trying to survive like all other humans but Leif Asgard is convinced she is more than that. As Leif and Grace hunt for answers to save the world, something ancient begins to hunt them and the only way to save each other is to embrace the love they’ve been desperately denying.

4 Hopeful Things about Kira Brady’s “Hearts of Shadow”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Grace Mercer

Grace reminds me so much of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium series. Both women are abrasive and downright rude but love deeply and are extremely loyal. Like Lisbeth, Grace kicks some major ass and takes shit from nobody.

2. The Lore

While novels featuring supernaturals are nothing new, I appreciate Kira Brandy bringing different elements into her universe. In “Hearts of Shadow,” the incorporation of runes to protect and actually use in battle was very interesting. And the Deadglass series features dragon-shifters, which is totally awesome!

3. Sweltering

Things heat up in “Hearts of Shadow” as Grace and Leif give in to their desires.

4. Hearts of Chaos

While Grace and Leif got their happily-ever-after, their world is in deep shit, Tiamat has awoken. The Deadglass series continues in Kira Brady’s “Hearts of Chaos.”

What are your favorite things about “Hearts of Shadow”?

Be Authentic. Be Unique. Be You.

5 Hardy Things about Kira Brady’s “Hearts of Darkness”

Hearts of Darkness

Deadglass Book 1

by Kira Brady

Nikki’s Rating: 5 out of 10

Summary:  Wanting nothing more than his freedom from bondage, werewolf and mercenary Hart prepares for his last mission, capturing Kayla Friday. As Kayla searches for answers about her sister’s death, she finds herself drawn to Hart even after he warns her to stay away. Having never failed a mission before, Hart struggles to handover the beautiful, smart, and tenacious nurse Kayla to his boss but if he doesn’t, he will be bound to servitude even in death.

5 Hardy Things about Kira Brady’s “Hearts of Darkness”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Supernatural

Werewolves, wraiths, shapeshifters, oh my! As a fan of the supernatural, it was enjoyable to have a book with so many supernatural beings but best of all, “Hearts of Darkness” features a clan of dragon shifters. Have I mentioned that I love dragons?! If I was a shifter, I would totally be a dragon shifter.

2. The Bad Guys

While the dragon shifters were the central bad guys of the “Hearts of Darkness”, I appreciated that Kira Brady didn’t write them as all bad. The dragon shifters are power-hungry, greedy, and manipulative but also amusing, intriguing, and complex, as you would expect real dragons to be. Antagonists that have redeemable qualities are much more interesting and captivating.

3. Lore

Kira Brady’s Deadglass universe is unique. While featuring supernatural elements is not uncommon, Brady provided her own twists on things such as the dragon shifter clan being influenced by Viking culture and the Kivati shapeshifters being more influenced by Native American culture. And then you also have the background of these 2 races being in a war that is hidden from the humans and the ominous Gate.

4. Steamy

Things get hot and heavy between Kayla and Hart in “Hearts of Darkness.”

5. Hearts of Shadow

Thankfully Kira Brady’s Deadglass series continues in “Hearts of Shadow” because we all need to know what happens now that the Gate has been ripped open!

What are your favorite things about “Hearts of Darkness”?

Be Authentic. Be Unique. Be You.