7 Delicious Things about Donna Grant’s “Darkest Highlander”

Darkest Highlander

Dark World Book 6; Dark Sword Book 6

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: After saving Sonya’s life, Broc and Sonya finally begin to really look at what they mean to each other. But just as they begin to realize and explore the love building between them, Broc is captured by the powerful druid Deirdre. Desperate to save the man who has watched over her all her life, Sonya rushes to rescue Broc from Deirdre’s clutches before its too late.

7 Delicious Things about Donna Grant’s “Darkest Highlander”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. The Couple

Broc and Sonya have been featured in the Dark World series for a few books now and the subtle dance of the chemistry between these two has created some serious tension. Them getting together has been much anticipated and Donna Grant finally delivers in “Darkest Highlander.”

2. Sonya

Sonya is strong in so many ways. She is a powerful red-headed druid of healing, she communes with trees, she fights for the man she loves, and stands up for what she believes in. A truly inspirational heroine.

3. Druid Powers

The most compelling thing about Donna Grant’s Dark World series is the lore and all the tiny details included. One such tiny detail is that the druids have some very unique powers: Sonya can communicate with trees, Brenna is able to see through the eyes of animals, Marcail can take the pain of others, etc.

4. Steamy

Things heat up betwen Sonya and Broc and as always, Donna Grant provides some steamy, erotic scenes.

5. Malcolm

It was heartbreaking for Malcolm to leave MacLeod castle but his story just got so much more interesting now that he has been changed into a Warrior. Very curious to see how his character arch will play out in the battle against Deirdre.

6. Phelan

Another character that is most intriguing, Phelan makes another brief appearance in “Darkest Highlander.” Deeply traumatized and abused for most of his life, Phelan is a wild card who has not joined the MacLeods but who has an insatiable hatred for Deirdre. It will be interesting to see how his story unfolds.

7. Midnight’s Master

Thankfully Donna Grant’s wonderful Dark World series continues in “Midnight’s Master” book 1 of the Dark Warriors series.

What are your favorite things about “Darkest Highlander”?

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7 Suave Things about Donna Grant’s “Shadow Highlander”

Shadow Highlander

Dark World Book 5; Dark Sword Book 5

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: In a daring attempt to save as many druids as he can, Galen invites a clan of druids to MacLeod castle. As they travel across Scotland, Galen finds out that not all is as it seems. The druids are hiding a terrible secret, a secret that involves Reaghan, the druid that has caught his eye. With discord and strife beginning to tear at the alliance between druids and the Warriors of MacLeod castle, Galen must do all he can to protect Reaghan or risk losing her forever.

7 Suave Things about Donna Grant’s “Shadow Highlander”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. The Lore

Donna Grant has a truly creative imagination and even with many characters, no two Warriors have the same power/ability. “Shadow Highlander” focuses on Galen who has the ability to read minds when touching another and really shows what a burden this power is.

2. Reaghan

A very powerful druid who is extremely courageous and tries to protect her people at any cost. She is fierce and yet kind and gentle, a good fit for Galen.

3. Galen

Cursed and blessed with telepathic abilities, Galen struggles throughout “Shadow Highlander” as his power take their toll whenever he touches another. It is a lonely burden and one that truly disturbs him when he comes into contact with an evil-being. Happily, Galen learns to control his power and it is no longer his dirty secret.

4. The Plot

Just when you thought things were coming to an end for Deirdre… The crazy bitch is too powerful for a simple death by killing the body, oh no, now we got to find some artifacts, locate her sister, then wake said sister up. So complicated but so intriguing!

5. Racy

Things get hot and racy between Galen and Reaghan in “Shadow Highlander.”

6. Happy Ending

“Shadow Highlander” made me so nervous towards the end! I was really afraid that Galen would lose Reaghan and/or he wouldn’t be able to touch her without reading her mind. Thankfully we can all breathe a sigh of relief as things worked out in the end.

7. Darkest Highlander

As we now know that Deirdre’s body and spirit must be destroyed to end her, the Dark World series continues in “Darkest Highlander.”

What are your favorite things about “Shadow Highlander”?

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7 Worthy Things about Donna Grant’s “Wicked Highlander”

Wicked Highlander

Dark World Book 3; Dark Sword Book 3

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: Captured once again by his eternal enemy Deirdre, Quinn must stay alive until his brothers are able to rescue him. Harder still, he must keep his sanity and not give in to the ancient demon lurking below his skin desperate to escape and take over Quinn’s mind. Believing that there is nothing that Deirdre could do to him to make him become her lover, he is sadly mistaken when he falls in love with Marcail, a druid Deirdre is trying to kill. Quinn is out of time and now he must choose between losing his very soul or losing the love of his life forever.

7 Worthy Things about Donna Grant’s “Wicked Highlander”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Quinn MacLeod

While Fallon is the leader and Lucan is the “good guy”, Quinn is the MacLeod “bad boy,” making him absolutely tantalizing and irresistible. Tormented by his failure to save his family years ago, Quinn is reckless and rageful but with a tender heart and fierce protectiveness of those he cares for.

2. Marcail

Beautiful Marcail with her hair of braids is a powerful druid but she is also brave, resourceful, thoughtful, and so caring of all around her. With the ability to take others’ pain away, she allows herself to suffer instead.

3. New Warriors

“Wicked Highlander” introduces more Warriors that may join the MacLeod brothers in their fight against Deirdre. There are Arron, the identical twins Duncan and Ian, as well as questionable Charon, who probably can’t be trusted.

4. The Villainess

The Dark World series features a very intriguing villainess. Deirdre is not just a power-hungry bitch but is a powerful drough, a dark-magic druid, who is aligned with the Devil himself. She is evil and as far as anyone can tell, immortal. Killing her is going to take some serious power and strategy.

5. Passionate

“Wicked Highlander” features plenty of passionate scenes between Marcail and Quinn as they fall for each other.

6. Three Pieces to the Whole

There are so many original and interesting bits to Donna Grant’s Dark World series, which makes reading the series all that more enjoyable. While the ancient evil gods normally choose the strongest warrior in a clan to possess, the MacLeod brothers all share one god as they were all considered equally strong. Being 3 pieces of the whole, when they fight together they are nearly unstoppable.

7. Untamed Highlander

The bitch just won’t die but happily, that means more sexy Warriors for us! The Dark World series continues in Donna Grant’s “Untamed Highlander.”

What are your favorite things about “Wicked Highlander”?

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7 Fabulous Things about Donna Grant’s “Forbidden Highlander”

Forbidden Highlander

Dark World Book 2; Dark Sword Book 2

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: Fallon MacLeod is fighting for his very soul. Every second he battles for control of himself against an ancient demon and wrestling with his cravings for alcohol while attempting to stop the evil druid Deirdre. His life is made more complicated when he falls for Larena Monroe, a woman hiding many secrets and who is committed to keeping Fallon at arm’s length. But the only way to save themselves is to learn to trust each other and embrace their desire.

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7 Fabulous Things about Donna Grant’s “Forbidden Highlander”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Fallon MacLeod

One of the strongest qualities of Fallon is that he is able to view Larena as an equal. While he would love to keep her safe, he realizes that she is a warrior in her own right and is able to gracefully accept her and her aid in battle. Fallon is not threatened by having a strong warrior woman for his ladylove.

2. Larena Monroe

Not only is the woman a badass Warrior who can turn invisible, Larena endures years of being shunned and ignored by her clan and while this would cause most to become bitter and callous, Larena continues to be caring and protective of those around her, but just a bit more guarded.

3. Female Warrior

The overall lore is Donna Grant’s Dark World series is truly interesting and original. It was surprising and absolutely wonderful that “Forbidden Highlander” features a female Warrior as the ancient gods choose the strongest in the family line to inhabit. Of course, Larena is ostracized and shamed for being a powerful woman but then she finds her true home where she is accepted and loved for who she is.

4. Hot

Things heat up between Fallon and Larena throughout “Forbidden Highlander” and it is hot!

5. Amends

While by no means is “Forbidden Highlander” a story about an alcoholic nor does it focus on the depth and complication of alcoholism, I appreciate the fact that Fallon, being an alcoholic in recovery, is constantly focused on making amends. He understands that others will not trust him right away and that he has much to atone for.

6. Writing

Donna Grant’s writing style is enjoyable, she has great pacing, a fantastic imagination, and clear writing.

7. Wicked Highlander

As Quinn still needs saving, Donna Grant’s Dark World continues in “Wicked Highlander.”

What are your favorite things about “Forbidden Highlander”?

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8 Daring Things about Donna Grant’s “Dangerous Highlander”

Dangerous Highlander

Dark World Book 1; Dark Sword Book 1

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 8 out of 10

Summary: Avoiding all contact with the outside world, Lucan and his brothers continue to struggle with their immortality. As they battle the demons inside themselves, the MacLeods allow the world to forget them, hoping that She will forget them as well. But then Lucan sees Cara and his whole world shifts. Betraying all that keeps them safe, Lucan exposes himself to save Cara’s life and now brings Her wrath down on all of them.

8 Daring Things about Donna Grant’s “Dangerous Highlander”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Lore

One of the strongest qualities of Donna Grant’s Dark Sword series is the lore. While including a touch of real history, Grant includes druids, both good and evil, and warriors who “house” ancient demonic gods that are constantly trying to take over their hosts. What could possibly go wrong?

2. Lucan

While all the MacLeods are wonderful in their own right, Lucan is the best of them. He is strong, both physically and emotionally, thoughtful, caring, and responsible. He is simply, a good man and always tries to do the right thing. It doesn’t hurt that he is also sinfully attractive and seductive.

3. The MacLeods

As stated above, the MacLeods all have their charms but the dynamic between them is so heartwarming. They are truly brothers in every sense of the word, three pieces to one whole.

4. Cara

While Cara may have literally been a damsel in distress upon meeting Lucan, she is not a helpless twat. On the contrary, Cara is shown to be very brave and willing to learn all to help herself and others.

5. Scorching

The heat between Lucan and Cara is intense! “Dangerous Highlander” features some scorching erotic scenes.

6. Writing

“Dangerous Highlander” is written well with no unnecessary descriptives. Donna Grant writes clearly and keeps good pacing throughout the story.

7. Fallon

Pretty sure I was smiling like an idiot when Fallon transformed into his god-form to save Cara for the sake of Lucan. I was so proud of him!

8. Forbidden Highlander

Donna Grant’s Dark Sword and Dark World series continue in “Forbidden Highlander” as the MacLeods continue their battle with Deirdre.

What are your favorite things about “Dangerous Highlander”?

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