Immortal Reign

“Immortal Reign”

Falling Kingdoms #6

by Morgan Rhodes

Nikki’s Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Non-Spoiler Book Summary

“Immortal Reign” is the sixth and at this time, final book, in Morgan Rhodes’ Falling Kingdoms series. The only reason I state that this is the final book “at this time” is that the story is left open enough that sequels or other novels based in the Falling Kingdoms world could be written in the future.  Note: This is not a standalone novel, you must read Falling Kingdoms Books 1-5 to comprehend the story thus far. The story continues immediately where the last book, “Crystal Storm,” left off.

Lucia Damora and Jonas Agallon are journeying together after Lucia gave birth to her daughter, Lyssa. Lucia wishes to reunite with her brother and father after realizing that her previous alliance with the Fire Kindred, Kyan, was a mistake with horrifying consequences. Lucia is determined to make things right again but since Lyssa, her powers seem to be draining and without them, how is she to defeat the Kindred?!

Cleiona Aurora Bellos, currently has a shaky truce with Kraeshia’s empress, Amara Cortas, as she searches for her missing husband, Magnus Damora. Last time we saw Magnus, he was being buried alive by his childhood rival, Kurtis Cirello, and is running out of time. While Cleo is separated from the love of her life, she is also fighting for her life as her body is possessed by the Water Kindred. Will they be able to save each other or will one have to be sacrificed for the other?

Meanwhile, Nic, Cleo’s best friend, is possessed by Kyan the Fire Kindred. Olivia, a Watcher, is possessed by the Earth Kindred. And Taran, the twin of a guard Cleo once loved and who was killed by Magnus, is possessed by the Air Kindred. They are all hellbent on destroying the world simply because humans suck (which is true but you can’t punish everyone for the mistakes of a few) and once Cleo is taken over completely by the Water Kindred, they will have the power to do anything!

My Overall Thoughts… MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!

I rated “Immortal Reign” by Morgan Rhodes as 4.5 out of 5 stars. Falling Kingdoms is another of those Young Adult series that tend to captivate my attention and become a favorite of mine so just know that I love this series! First I need to mention that Magnus is Adam Driver in my head, like Kylo Ren Adam Driver. Very sexy, mysterious, dangerous, moody, misunderstood anti-hero type. *Daydreaming…* Yes, Cleo and Magnus are a favorite couple of mine, absolutely adore their “falling in love” story, and really appreciate that they compliment each other in many ways. My favorite dynamic of the whole series would have to be their love story. Was totally on edge this whole book because I was terrified that my dynamic duo would die in the end! Thank you for your mercy Rhodes!!!

Overall I found this series to be enjoyable and a quick read. Enough anticipation to constantly have me curious about what was going to happen next, likable characters that I could relate to, and a nice message about realizing that people can change, be misunderstood, or deceptive, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” etc.

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