Ignite Me


Ignite Me

Shatter Me Book 3

by Tahereh Mafi

Nikki’s Rating: 9 out of 10

Summary: Omega Point, the safe hideout for the resistance, has been destroyed. With only a few allies left, Juliette turns to Warner, a man she never thought she could trust. Warner brings Juliette and her friends to his base, allowing them the time and resources to stage an attack on The Reestablishment. As Juliette learns more about herself and her powers, she grows closer to Warner each day while creating a bigger and bigger rift between herself and Adam. Regardless of how they all feel about each other, they gather together and fight The Reestablishment, coming face-to-face with Anderson, Warner’s father and Supreme Commander of the North America Division of The Reestablishment.

9 Fantastic Things about Tahereh Mafi’s “Ignite Me”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. The Cover

I know, I know, you cannot judge a book by its cover. However, I can totally love on the Shatter Me series for having beautiful cover art. Absolutely stunning! Yay for pretty covers!!!

2. Superpowers

My love for reading started with comics and my favorite of all time since I was a child has been the Uncanny X-men. Therefore, anything involving humans having superpowers usually is an instant like for me!

3.  Good vs. Bad

Thank you, Mafi, for creating characters that are not all good or all bad. There is not one person who exists or ever existed that is purely one or the other. In “Ignite Me” we learn of the many positives of Warner, our Byronic hero. We also get to see the really ugly side of our ex, Adam. While our leader and rock, Castle, falls apart.

4. Wrong Guy, not Bad Guy

Another dose of reality that Mafi throws in, sometimes people just grow apart. I appreciate that Juliette and Adam split but without one of them being the “bad” one. Acknowledgment that a guy/girl can be great, but still may not be the “right” person for you and there is no fault or blame there.

5. Kenji

Gotta appreciate the comic relief character and all-around fun, loyal, and honest best-friend, Kenji!

6. Warner

Byronic hero. So obviously, I love him. Blame Darcy!

7. Juliette

Finally, finally, the woman learns to turn her powers OFF! So very happy for her and that because of this, she is able to make a decision about where her heart lies. Speaking of which…

8. Romance

Ecstatic that Juliette and Warner ended up together. Mostly because I am very fond of Warner and want him to be happy. Plus he accepts all parts of Juliette, even the darkness.

9. The End. Or is it?

Obviously, I reread this series because a 4th book was released so it is not the end. However, it was originally the conclusion of the series; while I am excited to have the story continue past this book, I did enjoy this ending. While the world isn’t perfect, at least all my favorite characters survive and Juliette and Warner are still together!

What were your Favorite Things about "Ignite Me"?

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