Undeniable #1

by Madeline Sheehan

Nikki’s Rating: 3.8 out of 5 Stars

Non-Spoiler Summary:

“Undeniable” is a love story, a pretty fucked up love story actually. If you cannot handle cussing, especially the f-word and women being called “bitches” all the time, do not read this book! Seriously, if you are not into smoldering sex scenes and cannot enjoy a novel as a form of simple entertainment and instead view it as a portrayal of how real life should be, do not read this book! You will not like it.

Madeline Sheehan’s “Undeniable” is the first book in her Undeniable book series, a romance series centering around characters from the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. “Undeniable” tells the fucked up love story of Eva and Deuce. Eva Fox, the daughter of the president of the Silver Demons Motorcycle Club, meets Cole “Deuce” West, the president of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club, at a young age and falls in love with him. Eva and Deuce are destined to bump into each other every few years, but with 18 years difference in age, they seem to always be at different points in their lives, wanting and needing very different things. Their journey is an absolute roller-coaster filled with pain, betrayal, and hate but also forgiveness, passion, and love. Will they overcome their obstacles and fears, finally embracing their undeniable love for each other?!

My Overall Thoughts… MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!

I gave a 3.8 out of 5 Stars to “Undeniable” by Madeline Sheehan. Wow, just wow! Rollercoaster of feelings!!! I hate Deuce and I love him, wtf?! You know, I’m just going to blame Sons of Anarchy and Charlie Hunnam for me loving the Motorcycle Club bad-boy so much, even though he is an obvious asshole! Regardless, I hope you are all smart enough to realize that entertainment is just that, entertainment. This book is not promoting bad, abusive relationships, nor is encouraging relations between adults and children, it is simply a book for entertainment purposes. And I just happen to be one of those people whose guilty pleasure is hot romance novels!

As far as Romance Novels go, “Undeniable” is scorching hot but expect a lot of emotions. This book is not a fairy-tale, it’s more like a nightmare with sex and a raging, jealous alpha male, which is kinda hot (sexy bad-boy) but serious douche-bagyness. Like serious douche-bag, I’m not lying, this book caused tightening in my chest while reading because my heart was literally breaking, I cried, and even with the book finished, I feel the need to curl up and rock myself to sleep so I don’t have to deal with this cruel, cruel world. Well done Madeline Sheehan, well done.

Anyways, only reason why I gave this book a rating of a 3.8 even though I really enjoyed it is simply because it has not mind-blowing. There was nothing that I learned from the book, no big insightful messages, I didn’t have to think with this book, I just got to enjoy myself and be totally emotional at the same time, typical for any romance novel really. If I was only rating among other Romance Novels, I would give “Undeniable” 4.8 out of 5 stars, it was a very engaging romance novel. I really felt for Eva and even though Deuce was an asshole, I still wanted him and Eva to be together so I liked him enough. If you typically enjoy romance novels and like Sons of Anarchy, you will most likely like reading “Undeniable.” As for me, I think I will be picking up “Unbeautifully” the second book in the Undeniable series once I have emotionally healed from the trauma that this book was. Probably gonna take some time… good luck readers!

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