Too Dangerous to Desire

“Too Dangerous to Desire”

Lords of Midnight #3

by Cara Elliott

Nikki’s Rating: 5 out of 10

Summary: After years of running from his past and a broken heart, Cameron Daggett returns home. Determined to continue his rogue ways, he closely guards his heart against his ex-sweetheart, Sophie. But his past catches up to him and Sophie is now in danger. As Cameron and Sophie work together, they find themselves falling in love once more. But will cautious, responsible Sophie allow herself to be swept away by Cameron, a criminal and Hellhound, or will she choose to be prudent and walk away from their love once more?

5 Touching Things about TOO DANGEROUS TO DESIRE by Cara Elliott

(May contain Spoilers)

1. The Story

The story overall was very engaging as you try to figure out everyones’ motives as one character is being blackmailed, another’s birthright is being denied, and then the suspicious death of a whole family.

2. Childhood Sweethearts

Sophie and Cameron grew up together and they are adorable, there is just something heartwarming about childhood sweethearts.

3. Birth Control

“Too Dangerous to Desire” is the first romance novel that I’ve come across (that I remember) that includes any mention of birth control. Although it is only briefly mentioned, Cara Elliott allows her story to be that much more realistic having her characters take measures to prevent pregnancy.

4. Hotness

Cara Elliott includes some pretty steamy and romantic scenes in “Too Dangerous to Desire.”

5. Partners in Crime

Cameron and Sophie had plenty adventures as kids. And even as adults Cameron teaches Sophie a few tricks of the trade and includes her on some of his “jobs.” While he worries for her, he also realizes that she is an equal and she can make her own decisions.

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