On the Island

“On the Island”

On the Island #1

by Tracey Garvis Graves

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10


7 Optimum Things about Tracey Gravis Graves’s “On the Island”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Controversial

Teacher and student fall in love. I would automatically claim this is wrong but I also believe that you fall in love with who you fall in love with. Of course, acting on that love may be wrong depending on the circumstance. Regardless, “On the Island” brilliantly weaves a love story between a teacher and a student and thankfully nothing happens until the student is 18.

2. Emotional

Oh, this novel tugged me back and forth! I wanted Anna and T.J. to be together. But then like Anna, I wanted T.J. to experience freedom as a young adult, college, etc. I wanted them to have happy ever after but once they entered back into the “real world” I was afraid they would never get a chance.

3. Pretty Clean

While erotic sexual scenes do not bother me, “On the Island” is prudish. So if you love a good romance novel but aren’t into graphic erotica, this is the romance book for you!

4. John Sucks

Anna didn’t end up getting back together with John when she returned from the island. YAY! Anna didn’t even entertain the idea. Thank you Graves for writing a strong female character who realized that waiting around for a guy is wasted time.

5. Adorable T.J.

T.J. was so likable. Handsome yes but more importantly, a good listener, compassionate, caring, and thoughtful. I mean, I totally forgot about Anna’s dream of owning a golden retriever from a shelter. T.J. didn’t forget and got her Bo, a golden retriever rescued from a shelter. All around nice guy.

6. Island Adventures

While it sucks big time to be stuck on a deserted island, Anna and T.J.’s island adventures were super entertaining. Totally could not figure out why there happened to be chickens on the island but I got super attached to Chicken. And sharks, no, just no. Most terrifying animal. Yay dolphins for taking care of that jerk! So if you get stranded on a deserted island, make friends with dolphins like Anna and T.J.

7. The Relationship

While their relationship is controversial, Anna and T.J.’s love story is beautiful. I can honestly say that it was believable and it was fitting. Them not developing feelings for each other would be unthinkable with everything they went through with each other. They literally kept each other alive and developed such a strong bond. I’m relieved that they were able to get their happy ending.

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