“At Grave’s End” Night Huntress Book 3

by Jeaniene Frost

Nikki’s Rating: 3 out of 10

Summary: Cat’s cover is blown and as a slayer of the undead, she is in deep shit. On the run with loved ones, Cat doesn’t think it can get any worse. Oh, but it does. Her agent partner, Tate, wants to be more than friends. Her lover Bones, wants to kill him. And Bones is being hunted by a vampire who can literally raise the dead.

3 Alluring Things about Jeaniene Frost’s “At Grave’s End”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Vampires

Yes, every book with vampires in it gets kudos from me! I always like finding out which myths/legends the author pulls from and if they create their own unique twist.

2. Bones

While I’m not sure if I love or hate his name, I know for a fact I absolutely adore this vampire. I’m very relieved that he and Cat both survived and are still together in the end. Was getting a bit nervous, totally thinking, “Oh no! Is Frost going to “kill” Bones, then have Cat fall for Tate, and then have Bones return from the dead?!” Anyways, Bones is a sexy, protective, sarcastic, alpha-male, vampire lord, I see no flaws here.

3. Kitten

Bad-ass red-headed half-vampire, undead slayer, aka, Cat Crawfield; called “Kitten” by Bones. She is strong, witty, sexy, hilarious, intelligent, and sassy. She also kicks major ass and enjoys the hell out it. Most of my enjoyment from the series comes from her banter with Bones.

What are your favorite things about Jeaniene Frost’s “At Grave’s End”?

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