Two Dark Reigns

Two Dark Reigns

Three Dark Crowns #3

by Kendare Blake

Nikki’s Rating: 5 out of 10

Summary: Katherine is queen and Mirabell and Arsinoe have left the island, abdicating the throne. But the Goddess is not happy. The mist that used to protect the island from outsiders is now rising up and brutally slaughtering innocents. Is it because Katherine is Undead? Does it have anything to do with the nightmares about the Blue Queen that Arsinoe has been having? Or is it because Jules, Legion Cursed and not of the Queensblood, is calling herself “Queen” and leading a rebellion against Katherine?

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5 Twisted Things about TWO DARK REIGNS by Kendare Blake

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. The Dark Side

Kendare Blake’s Three Dark Crowns series is pretty dark for a young adult book series. And I mean dark! Queens stabbing children, rotting corpses, blood splattering over everyone. This is not a Disney story!

2. Powers

Have a mentioned that people have powers in this world?! On the Island, there are Elementals, Naturalists, Poisoners, Seers, etc. If you are a mainlander, sucks to be you, you are just human.

3. Mists of Avalon… on crack

Mist surrounding and hiding a mythical island where there is magic and the goddess is worshipped… sounds familiar. The twist though is that this mist is rising up and killing innocent people, and rather gruesomely. Again, this book series is a bit dark.

4. Three Dark Crowns World

This world is very intriguing to me. Mythical island with inhabitants that have magic. Triplet queens are born every generation and 2 of them must perish and 1 must rule. Mist that protected island is now murderous against its people… so many mysteries, need to know more!!!

5. Arsinoe

And for whatever reason, I adore Arsinoe! She is just so sweet and innocent in a way. I hope she will be able to live happily-ever-after with Billy in the near future!

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