Crown of Midnight

“Crown of Midnight”

Throne of Glass #2

by Sarah J. Maas

Nikki’s Rating: 9 out of 10

Summary: As King’s Champion, Celaena must work for the man she hates the most and be his assassin. Defying the King puts all those she loves and holds dear in great peril but she cannot aid the monster that killed her parents. As Celaena navigates this dangerous game, she uncovers the true depth of evil that has invaded her world and now must find a way to obtain the other Wyrdkeys or risk losing everything.

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9 Captivating Things about CROWN OF MIDNIGHT by Sarah J. Maas

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Writing

Maas is truly a mesmerizing storyteller and I love all the comic relief she uses in the banter between characters. Maas brings her characters to life so well and makes them so relatable having both good qualities and bad. “Crown of Midnight” is fast moving and filled with mystery and a complex world making it incredibly difficult to put down.

2. Perspectives

“Crown of Midnight” is seen through the eyes of the three main characters, Dorian, Celaena, and Chaol and I love this! This is a typical writing style that I prefer as it allows the reader to see things that other characters aren’t aware of as well as start piecing things together. It is also a great tactic for character development as we get to see the inner monologue of multiple characters instead of just relying on the interactions of characters with the main protagonist.

3. The Assassin

Celaena is a dynamic character that I truly identify with. She is super sensitive and loves deeply but because of the trauma and loss she has already endured she tends to wear a mask of sarcasm, indifference, and irreverence. In “Crown of Midnight” we see Celaena delve deep into her assassin role in which she appears completely devoid of emotions and is a cold-blooded killer.

4. Magic

Dorian having magic was cool but the fact that he has raw magic, able to do many things with it, is just epic! While of course, he is in danger of losing control and hurting himself and others, which is of course not good. Or even worse, being found out by his father and being enslaved. Yes, so Dorian having magic comes with a high price but I think it is mostly a good thing, he was able to save Chaol from Celaena’s dagger at least.

5. The Lovers

While things didn’t really go according to plan in the end of “Crown of Midnight” for Celaena and Chaol, I am so glad that they were able to find happiness with each other, even if it was just for a few weeks. I absolutely squealed in delight when they finally kissed! I also liked that while there was a connection between Dorian and Celaena, Dorian let Celaena go and he realized that he needed to find a woman who looked at him the way Celaena looked at Chaol.

6. Defiance

Appearances can be deceiving and while Celaena appears to be the coldhearted King’s Champion and lapdog, she is rebelling. Celaena’s defiance runs deep as the hatred she holds for the King and all he stands for. Instead of assassinating her targets, she is helping them escape the clutches of the Adarlan kingdom and presenting the King with heads from others who died of natural causes. While she is gambling with her life and those she loves, I can’t fault her for her defiance, she will not aid the tyrant that has destroyed her and her kingdom, she stands by her values.

7. Nehemia

Another strong woman and true rebel, Nehemia sadly didn’t know about Celaena’s own personal rebellion against the King of Adarlan and Nehemia’s last words came to haunt Celaena time and time again. Nehemia’s horrible death was a tragedy in itself but that it was also the catalyst to create a permanent wedge between Celaena and Chaol made it more horrible. While I would have loved to see more of Nehemia, her death unfortunately played a paramount role in moving a lot of things forward in the story and was therefore necessary.

8. Revelations

As always, I love a book with lots of twists and turns and “Crown of Midnight” didn’t disappoint! Archer is a bigger narcissistic devious asshole than I could have ever imagined, he is an incredible actor for even fooling Celaena. Celaena’s true form is finally seen and witnessed by Chaol. But most importantly, Celaena’s true identity and heritage is revealed!

9. Heir of Fire

With Celaena on her way to Wendlyn, Dorian struggling to contain his magic, and Chaol knowing Celaena’s most dangerous secret, the story continues in Throne of Glass #3, “Heir of Fire”.

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