10 Paramount Things about Nancy Verrier’s “The Primal Wound”

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child by Nancy Verrier Nikki's Rating: 10 out of 10 Summary: A book meant for anyone involved in adoption, “The Primal Wound” explores the trauma that all adoptees experience through the process of adoption. With emphasize on the adoptee’s experience, Verrier provides information on how best adoptive parents, biological parents, … Continue reading 10 Paramount Things about Nancy Verrier’s “The Primal Wound”

7 Intriguing Things about Ellen Hopkins’s “Impulse”

"Impulse" Impulse Book 1 by Ellen Hopkins Nikki's Rating: 7 out of 10 Summary: Tony, Conner, and Vanessa, three teenagers with one thing in common: they attempted suicide. All three are now in a psychiatric ward together and somehow become friends. As they come to grow and love each other, they explore the events that … Continue reading 7 Intriguing Things about Ellen Hopkins’s “Impulse”

Curing Mental Illness

I spent days thinking about this... One of my followers emailed me after reading my post "Living with Mental Illness." He asked 2 questions. I will attempt to answer one of these tonight. Fred Kat: "Do you think the condition (mental illness) is reversible?" As someone who is diagnosed with mental illness, has a bachelor's … Continue reading Curing Mental Illness

Living with Mental Illness

I was once asked, "What's it like having a mental illness?" This question was asked by a very good friend of mine. This friend never experienced mental illness. He asked with sincere curiosity. He had never known anyone with mental illness (that he knew of besides me). The question was asked because he didn't understand. … Continue reading Living with Mental Illness

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility, I am responsible for my own actions, choices, behavior, and words regardless of my mental state. So that means it doesn't matter if I am symptomatic or if I am under the influence of drugs/alcohol, I am still responsible for my actions and must face any consequences that occur because of my behavior. … Continue reading Personal Responsibility