A Flowery Touch

This collection of paintings all involve using flowers to paint the canvas. Hence the name of “A Flowery Touch,” these paintings are literally created with the flowers being the brush. Colors are inspired by the colors of the flowers/petals used to create the painting.

These types of paintings are on sale at my Etsy Shop now with options for custom orders!!!

Be Authentic. Be Unique. Be You.

Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Black Jade Rose 1 & Acrylic Sunflower Impressions 1

Acrylic Violet Carnation Impressions 1

Acrylic Chrysanthemum & Carnation 1

Acrylic & Watercolor Paintings

Limona Rose Impressions 1

Misc. Acrylic & Watercolor Paintings

Dahlia & Chrysanthemum Gloom 1

Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Equilibrium 1

Red Gerbera Blotch 1

Sunflower & Dahlia Glamour 1

Watercolor Paintings

Yellow Daisy & Red Gerbera 1

Experiments & Tests

Untitled Watercolor Petal Paintings

Limona Rose Splotch 1

Red Gerbera Stain 1 & Void 1

Metallic Paintings

2 thoughts on “A Flowery Touch

  1. I love all the joyful colors and unique styles you use in your painting!!


    1. So happy to hear that you like my work!


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