Book Review: 7 Dreamy Things about DRAGON BOUND by Thea Harrison

“Dragon Bound”

Elder Races #1

by Thea Harrison

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: As the last of her kind, Pia Giovannia lived her life under the radar until she was black mailed and stole from the most dangerous and powerful of the Elder Races, Dragos Cuelebre. But when the dragon tracks her down, instead of taking her life, he claims it and makes Pia his. As Dragos and Pia try to navigate their intense feelings for each other, their Dark Fae enemies take advantage of Dragos’s distraction and take his most precious possession, Pia.

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7 Dreamy Things about DRAGON BOUND by Thea Harrison

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. The World

The Elder Races series includes a lot of supernatural elements. There are Light Fae, Dark Fae, Wyrkind that are beings that can shapeshift into specific animals both mythical and non-mythical, Elves, harpies, and witches. Mostly the world is similar to our own with added magical pocket realms and of course those supernatural beings openly living amongst the humans. Very interested to see the different cultures, strengths, weaknesses, politics, and customs of the various supernatural groups.

2. Humor

Love a book with humor and Harrison definitely delivered. Some of my favorite moments were the banter between Dragos and Pia, Pia questioning her sanity, Dragos’s attempts at being polite instead of barking orders, and Pia’s overall disrespectful, snarky attitude. Great use of humor throughout the book.

3. Characters

The main characters had personalities and quirks that made sense with their backstories as well as their Wryforms and were overall likeable characters. And most of the side characters introduced in “Dragon Bound” were interesting and I’m looking forward to reading more of the series to get to know them better.

4. Racy

“Dragon Bound” really heated up throughout the book with erotic scenes between Dragos and Pia as they gave into their desire for each other.

5. Dragons

As dragons are probably my favorite mythical animal, I originally picked up this book because it was a romance that involved dragons. Dragons are just awesome! I loved that Harrison included the lore of dragons having a hoard and the ridiculousness of Dragos getting upset that Pia took a penny from him but makes total sense for his arrogant, territorial, “it’s mine!” dragon attitude. Dragos was an overall perfect embodiment of a dragon/man hybrid. And I couldn’t even contain my excitement for the surprise beautiful, adorable baby dragon who was so brave.

6. Unicorns

Probably my second favorite mythical animal, unicorns were also featured in “Dragon Bound” and it was so magical, especially since it was unexpected and the first time I’ve come across a story featuring a being who can shift into a unicorn. As with Dragos, Harrison did an amazing job of making Pia’s personality fit for her Wryform, being a vegetarian, opposed to violence and prone to running.

7. Storm’s Heart

The Elder Races series continues in Book 2, Thea Harrison’s “Storm’s Heart.”

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