Book Review: 7 Memorable Things about MIDNIGHT’S MASTER by Donna Grant

“Midnight’s Master”

Dark World #7; Dark Warriors #1

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: Attempting to trackdown Deirdre, the all-powerful evil magic-wielding drough, Logan is hurdled through time. As he tries to navigate the new times, he meets the beautiful Gwynn, who is much more than she seems. As they realize that she may be the key to the next artifact needed to stop Deirdre, another powerful drough comes into play. Now against two powerful druids, Logan must protect Gwynn, the woman who may save them all and win his heart.

7 Memorable Things about MIDNIGHT’S MASTER by Donna Grant

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Declan

Having one all-powerful evil druid was enough but things just got very interesting as Grant introduces Declan, a drough so powerful that he has been able to capture and hold Deirdre. Hoping that perhaps they will end up fighting and killing each other.

2. Time-travel

A nice twist to the plot, the Dark World series has jumped forward to our time period. Very cool to see how the characters change and adapt to the new times.

3. Gwynn Austin

Very independent, Gwynn is a druid who can hear the wind and shows immense courage, daring, and resourcefulness in her journey to find the artifact.

4. Logan Hamilton

Logan has been one of my favorite Warriors and it was enjoyable seeing him fall in love and finally lift the burden of his shameful secret. Totally cool that he can control water!

5. Heat

As always, Grant delivers a true romance novel as things heat up between Logan and Gwynn.

6. Writing

Grant continues her fantastic writing style in “Midnight’s Master.” The novel moves forward at a good pace and offers enough description to create the scene without boring readers with too many details.

7. Midnight’s Lover

The Dark World series continues in the Dark Warriors book 2, “Midnight’s Lover.”

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