Book Review: 7 Ultimate Things about UNTAMED HIGHLANDER by Donna Grant

“Untamed Highlander”

Dark World #4; Dark Swords #4

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: Sworn to kill all droughs, evil black magic using druids, Hayden Campbell saves Isla, not knowing what she is. Forced to become drough in order to save her sister and young niece, Isla tries to prove that she is not evil incarnate but Hayden is having none of it. Wanting vengeance for his kinsmen who died by Druid magic, Hayden seeks out Isla to kill her but finds his very heart ensnared by the beguiling magical woman.

7 Ultimate Things about UNTAMED HIGHLANDER by Donna Grant

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. The Druids

One of the many charms of the Dark World series as a whole is the lore. Donna Grant includes the unique terms of mie for the good, nature-based druids and drough for the evil, dark-magic wielding druids. These groups worked together in the past to conquer a mutual enemy.

2. Isla

More than she seems, Isla is a very powerful drough that is not in fact evil. Never fully committing herself to the devil, Isla was coerced into becoming drough by Deirdre. Tormented by the deeds she did for Deirdre in order to save her niece and sister, Isla is a compelling character who battles with deep self-hatred and welcomes death.

3. Hayden Campbell

Another character dealing with lots of hatred, Hayden is a very angry man. Regardless, he is eventually able to see Isla as a person, not just as a member, and embraces their love.

4. Sweltering

With all the hate, rage, and anger going on between them, it gets incredibly hot between Isla and Hayden in “Untamed Highlander.”

5. The Warriors

All the Warriors throughout the Dark World series have different looks, like the color of their skin and eyes but some also have horns of varying shapes and sizes! Then there is Broc who has wings. Diversity is always appreciated!

6. Pacing

As with all the Dark World novels thus far, pacing and writing were great, keeping me interested and making it hard to put down the book!

7. Shadow Highlander

As the war continues with Deirdre, Donna Grant’s Dark World and Dark Swords series continues in “Shadow Highlander.”

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