Book Review: 7 Worthy Things about WICKED HIGHLANDER by Donna Grant

“Wicked Highlander”

Dark World #3; Dark Sword #3

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: Captured once again by his eternal enemy Deirdre, Quinn must stay alive until his brothers are able to rescue him. Harder still, he must keep his sanity and not give in to the ancient demon lurking below his skin desperate to escape and take over Quinn’s mind. Believing that there is nothing that Deirdre could do to him to make him become her lover, he is sadly mistaken when he falls in love with Marcail, a druid Deirdre is trying to kill. Quinn is out of time and now he must choose between losing his very soul or losing the love of his life forever.

7 Worthy Things about WICKED HIGHLANDER by Donna Grant

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Quinn MacLeod

While Fallon is the leader and Lucan is the “good guy”, Quinn is the MacLeod “bad boy,” making him absolutely tantalizing and irresistible. Tormented by his failure to save his family years ago, Quinn is reckless and rageful but with a tender heart and fierce protectiveness of those he cares for.

2. Marcail

Beautiful Marcail with her hair of braids is a powerful druid but she is also brave, resourceful, thoughtful, and so caring of all around her. With the ability to take others’ pain away, she allows herself to suffer instead.

3. New Warriors

“Wicked Highlander” introduces more Warriors that may join the MacLeod brothers in their fight against Deirdre. There are Arron, the identical twins Duncan and Ian, as well as questionable Charon, who probably can’t be trusted.

4. The Villainess

The Dark World series features a very intriguing villainess. Deirdre is not just a power-hungry bitch but is a powerful drough, a dark-magic druid, who is aligned with the Devil himself. She is evil and as far as anyone can tell, immortal. Killing her is going to take some serious power and strategy.

5. Passionate

“Wicked Highlander” features plenty of passionate scenes between Marcail and Quinn as they fall for each other.

6. Three Pieces to the Whole

There are so many original and interesting bits to Donna Grant’s Dark World series, which makes reading the series all that more enjoyable. While the ancient evil gods normally choose the strongest warrior in a clan to possess, the MacLeod brothers all share one god as they were all considered equally strong. Being 3 pieces of the whole, when they fight together they are nearly unstoppable.

7. Untamed Highlander

The bitch just won’t die but happily, that means more sexy Warriors for us! The Dark World series continues in Donna Grant’s “Untamed Highlander.”

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