Book Review: 7 Fabulous Things about FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDER by Donna Grant

“Forbidden Highlander”

Dark World #2; Dark Sword #2

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: Fallon MacLeod is fighting for his very soul. Every second he battles for control of himself against an ancient demon and wrestling with his cravings for alcohol while attempting to stop the evil druid Deirdre. His life is made more complicated when he falls for Larena Monroe, a woman hiding many secrets and who is committed to keeping Fallon at arm’s length. But the only way to save themselves is to learn to trust each other and embrace their desire.

7 Fabulous Things about FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDER by Donna Grant

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Fallon MacLeod

One of the strongest qualities of Fallon is that he is able to view Larena as an equal. While he would love to keep her safe, he realizes that she is a warrior in her own right and is able to gracefully accept her and her aid in battle. Fallon is not threatened by having a strong warrior woman for his ladylove.

2. Larena Monroe

Not only is the woman a badass Warrior who can turn invisible, Larena endures years of being shunned and ignored by her clan and while this would cause most to become bitter and callous, Larena continues to be caring and protective of those around her, but just a bit more guarded.

3. Female Warrior

The overall lore is Donna Grant’s Dark World series is truly interesting and original. It was surprising and absolutely wonderful that “Forbidden Highlander” features a female Warrior as the ancient gods choose the strongest in the family line to inhabit. Of course, Larena is ostracized and shamed for being a powerful woman but then she finds her true home where she is accepted and loved for who she is.

4. Hot

Things heat up between Fallon and Larena throughout “Forbidden Highlander” and it is hot!

5. Amends

While by no means is “Forbidden Highlander” a story about an alcoholic nor does it focus on the depth and complication of alcoholism, I appreciate the fact that Fallon, being an alcoholic in recovery, is constantly focused on making amends. He understands that others will not trust him right away and that he has much to atone for.

6. Writing

Donna Grant’s writing style is enjoyable, she has great pacing, a fantastic imagination, and clear writing.

7. Wicked Highlander

As Quinn still needs saving, Donna Grant’s Dark World continues in “Wicked Highlander.”

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