Book Review: 8 Daring Things about DANGEROUS HIGHLANDER by Donna Grant

“Dangerous Highlander”

Dark World #1; Dark Sword #1

by Donna Grant

Nikki’s Rating: 8 out of 10

Summary: Avoiding all contact with the outside world, Lucan and his brothers continue to struggle with their immortality. As they battle the demons inside themselves, the MacLeods allow the world to forget them, hoping that She will forget them as well. But then Lucan sees Cara and his whole world shifts. Betraying all that keeps them safe, Lucan exposes himself to save Cara’s life and now brings Her wrath down on all of them.

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8 Daring Things about DANGEROUS HIGHLANDER by Donna Grant

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Lore

One of the strongest qualities of Donna Grant’s Dark Sword series is the lore. While including a touch of real history, Grant includes druids, both good and evil, and warriors who “house” ancient demonic gods that are constantly trying to take over their hosts. What could possibly go wrong?

2. Lucan

While all the MacLeods are wonderful in their own right, Lucan is the best of them. He is strong, both physically and emotionally, thoughtful, caring, and responsible. He is simply, a good man and always tries to do the right thing. It doesn’t hurt that he is also sinfully attractive and seductive.

3. The MacLeods

As stated above, the MacLeods all have their charms but the dynamic between them is so heartwarming. They are truly brothers in every sense of the word, three pieces to one whole.

4. Cara

While Cara may have literally been a damsel in distress upon meeting Lucan, she is not a helpless twat. On the contrary, Cara is shown to be very brave and willing to learn all to help herself and others.

5. Scorching

The heat between Lucan and Cara is intense! “Dangerous Highlander” features some scorching erotic scenes.

6. Writing

“Dangerous Highlander” is written well with no unnecessary descriptives. Donna Grant writes clearly and keeps good pacing throughout the story.

7. Fallon

Pretty sure I was smiling like an idiot when Fallon transformed into his god-form to save Cara for the sake of Lucan. I was so proud of him!

8. Forbidden Highlander

Donna Grant’s Dark Sword and Dark World series continue in “Forbidden Highlander” as the MacLeods continue their battle with Deirdre.

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