6 Tender Things about Kate Cross’s “Touch of Steel”

Touch of Steel

Clockwork Agents Book 2

by Kate Cross

Nikki’s Rating: 6 out of 10

Summary:  Gravely injured while fighting Howard, the murderer of her beloved brother, Claire Brooks falls into the hands of the Wardens of the Realm. As an agent for the Company, she is now at the mercy of her enemies and chooses to defect in order to reach her goal. Teamed up with Warden Alastair Payne, they hunt Howard while pretending to be engaged. An irresistible attraction develops between Alastair and Claire and they must decide if they are truly allies or enemies.

6 Tender Things about Kate Cross’s “Touch of Steel”

(May Contain Spoilers)

1. Claire

A deadly agent who loves fiercely and loyally as evident in the way she hunts the murderer of her beloved brother.

2. Friendship

Kate Cross created characters that show friendship at its best! Without knowing Claire, Arden and Luke stand beside Alastair’s decision to include Claire in the Wardens because they trust and love Alastair, no further proof was needed.

3. Alastair

While Alastair has many faults, including coveting his best friend’s wife and being a stubborn ass, he is a good man. Publicly defending and proclaiming his love for Claire redeemed him in many ways.

4. The Heat

Erotic scenes between Alastair and Claire were hot and steamy.

5. Happily-Ever-After

“Touch of Steel” was quite the rollercoaster and while it turns out Claire’s brother was a huge dick, Claire at least got her happily-ever-after with Alastair as they continue fighting as Wardens of the Realm.

6. Breath of Iron

The Clockwork Agent series continues in Kate Cross’s next steampunk novel “Breath of Iron.”

What are your favorite things about “Touch of Steel”?

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