2 Notable Things about Julie Anne Long’s “A Notorious Countess Confesses”

“A Notorious Countess Confesses” Pennyroyal Green Book 7

by Julie Anne Long

Nikki’s Rating: 2 out of 10

Summary: Previous actress and courtesan, publicly shamed and deemed the “Black Widow”  upon her husband’s death, Evie Duggan escapes to a small manor in Pennyroyal Green in hopes to start a new life. Unfortunately, her reputation precedes her and she finds herself ostracized once again. Hoping to find a way to be accepted, Evie enlists the help of the community reverend, Adam Sylvaine. Drawn to her inner strength and beauty, Adam finds himself mesmerized by Evie and accepts. Through forgiveness and understanding, they fall in love but risk the displeasure of the whole town.

2 Notable Things about Julie Anne Long’s “A Notorious Countess Confesses”

May contain Spoilers

1. Evie

Evie Duggan is absolutely charming! She has no regrets about how she has lived her life or the decisions she has made. Evie is witty, flirtatious, and fearless. While extremely ambitious, her motives have always been altruistic, providing for her penniless and orphaned siblings.

2. Happily-Ever-After

Not only do Adam and Evie end up happily married in the end, but Evie’s siblings also move to Pennyroyal Green. This allows Evie to keep on eye on them and make sure they are always provided for, which was always her biggest concern in life. Adam does a wonderful job by creating a win-win situation for Evie so that all her needs are met and they can be together. Go Adam!

What are your favorite things about Julie Anne Long’s “A Notorious Countess Confesses”?

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