“Do you believe in religion?” This is the question Fred Kat asked me last time he emailed me. And Fred, I need to apologize… You asked this question in April.

I have sat down at my computer and attempted to answer this question 1000 times. And deleted everything. Every time.

Is it because I’m afraid I’ll be persecuted? Perhaps I don’t wish to be told that I will be going to hell? Maybe I know my beliefs cannot be defended against criticism?

Or perhaps I think you are all idiots and I don’t want to waste my breath on something that you will never grasp?

None of these are true. Although some humans are idiots, of course. (He runs ‘Merica atm)

So what is my problem with religion?

It’s none of your business.

And that is my answer because it is also none of my business what you believe.

So the answer is I don’t believe in religion.

Do I believe in a higher power? Yes. Does it matter or affect me in any way shape or form if you believe in a higher power? Not at all.

Do I call my higher power a specific name, do I distinguish a gender? No, depends on my mood and how I am connecting to my higher power that day. Humans have had thousands of different names and words to describe or call the gods. Is the name really important? I think more depends on how I live my life versus what I call my higher power. So why do you care?

Do I believe that you should be allowed to practice your beliefs in anyway shape or form? As long as you are not harming another living creature physically, emotionally, socially, financially, or mentally, absolutely.

Do I think people should be allowed to perform rituals and or ceremonies in a gathering with like-minded individuals? Sure.

Do I get to tell you all about my beliefs, how I have all the answers, and how to live your life in order to have a “heavenly” afterlife? Is it my job to “save” you? Fuck no. And it is not your business to try to “save” my soul either.

Spirituality, our relationship with the spiritual/divine realm, whatever you want to call it, is a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. There is no right or wrong to believe in. And how much suffering has been caused by trying to prove that one religion is “true” and all others are “wrong”?

So go ahead, go to church, mosque, a meditation or prayer group and have a ritual or ceremony together. Celebrate that you view the divine in a similar manner! Find joy and support in a community. But don’t make it an “us” versus “them”. Respect that others will have a different experience, different perspective, and different interpretation of the mythical.

Allow governments to do their job and be the ones to create laws centering on human rights. While spiritual establishments should be there to allow people to gather and discuss their spiritual experiences, partake in ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations together, and aid those who want to explore their spirituality. Ultimately religious establishments should be focused on making people better humans, not better Catholics, Muslims, or Buddhists. Human.

Until this becomes the reality, I don’t believe religion is a positive thing in our world. We have twisted something that could have been beautiful into a weapon to hurt others and then a shield to not take responsibility for our own actions. We use religion as a way to spread ignorance and hate.

Do you agree with me? Or feel that I am being unfairly pessimistic about religion and humanity? Please share any thoughts about this!

As always, thank you for reading. I would love to hear from you so feel free to contact me or comment below. And if you would like to support this blog and/or my paintings please become my patron.

3 thoughts on “Religion…

  1. Hi. I just want to say that I used to think exactly like you. Then something happened. My eyes opened and I finally saw God (yep, the Christian God) for what He is. I’m a believer now.


    1. Frank, thank you for taking the time to comment. I respect that you believe in the Christian god, I am not against belief in a higher power no matter the name you call it by. I just don’t think there should be organized religion, at least not the way we’ve been doing it for thousands of years. Horrendous acts have been done specifically because of organized religion. We took a beautiful concept that can create harmony and community and perverted it, using it as an excuse to harm other living being. Regardless, live and let live. If being part of Christianity works for you, good. I hope you find lots of joy, support, and love in your religious community. And hopefully you show the same respect to others and allow them to believe what works for them.
      Best wishes!

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  2. That’s an honest opinion
    I think we were meant to naturally live the quality of life, religion aims or fights for.
    But because of possible distractions, that can make it difficult and can stop one from living upto to that natural quality way of life, religion came or stands to remind us, of our true natural way of life or lifestyle, although still people take it (religion) as they can understand it, which results into the differences.

    But I think because we were naturally meant to live that religious quality of life,
    it’s what comes from the heart or the inside of the individual verses what can be presented, that rules most on what path the individual should follow, although there are chances that what is presented can be a trigger to awakening the hidden truths or understandings, or knowledge inside the individual, of which if it does, produce positive ideas in an individual, it then means it (what was presented) was truth, and therefore that way, it’s accomplishing its purpose of reminding us of our true nature or simply making us good people we were supposed to be.

    I think if everyone lived with the right personal experience, there wouldn’t be reason or need to exchange what the heart holds as pure, or truth for something else.


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