Changes to Book Reviews

Acrylic Chrysanthemum & Carnations 1.1I’ve decided to do my book and graphic novel reviews differently. Like everyone else, I am strapped for time. And there is no reason to spend a ton of time writing lengthy reviews that none of you have time to read. So we are going to keep things short and sweet:

Reviews will be in a format of things I liked for a max total possible being 10.

Books that I really enjoyed will have high scores of 8-10 things that I loved. So-so books will be around 5 to 7. And books that I don’t really care for will rank below 5.

Each review will consist of a list of 10 things or less that I really liked about the novel and why.

I read books and graphic novels for entertainment purposes. I find enjoyment and pleasure from them and wish to continue to experience those joys by sharing what I liked about them, not what I didn’t. So please don’t expect or ask for a list of things I hated about a certain book/novel. Not here to shit talk, just here to share what I liked.

Hoping that with this new format I will be able to review books as fast as I read them!

As always, thank you for reading. I would love to hear from you so feel free to contact me or comment below. And if you would like to support this blog and/or my paintings please become my patron.

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