Let’s Take a Minute…

Metallic Petals Trial 1To appreciate the new domain and pretty website!!! YAY!

Seriously though, I’m very happy with it. As someone who once learned basic, very basic, HTML back in the late 90’s simply to have a preteen blog dedicated to the Backstreet Boys (I was madly in love with Nick Carter), I am so fucking happy about how easy it is to make a website now. I’m pretty sure I only learned to format paragraphs, insert a link, and change the font color, now I feel all fancy! *I’m so fancy* And for those techies, don’t make fun of me, I think it’s a success when an electronic doesn’t immediately spontaneously combust when I touch it! I realize that the site is simple and I have yet to even put up anything to sell but it is mine and I did it all by myself, so I’m proud of me.

Be Authentic. Be Unique. Be You.

As always, thank you for reading. I would love to hear from you so feel free to contact me or comment below. And if you would like to support this blog and/or my paintings please become my patron.

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