Nikki Page Paintings

Unique Paintings created with Bubbles, Glitter, Paints, and Flowers. I hope it brings Color and Fun to your home! My Etsy shop is open! Become involved and keep up with news by signing up for my blog or Patreon. Be Authentic. Be Unique. Be You.


Welcome all!

Here you will find my different types of paintings. Each painting is absolutely unique, there is no way I could perfectly duplicate any of my paintings. Most of my inspiration comes from the things that I believe make the world wonderful and fun: flowers, glitter, bubbles, and color. Check out my blog  for more insight into my art and techniques. Visit my Etsy Shop to see what I have for sale.

Please look around and enjoy your stay!

Petal Paintings: Paintings that center around organic flowers, leaves, and petals.

Bubbly Bubbles: These paintings are made with lots and lots of bubbles!

A Flowery Touch: Paintings that were created with flowers/petals dipped in paint.

Glittery Fun: These paintings sparkle since they incorporate glitter!

Be Authentic. Be Unique. Be You.

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